It’s been kind of a rough week for me.  You know what I’m talking about – the kind of week where Friday just can’t get here soon enough?  Yes, one of those for sure!

I’ll start by saying that nothing earth-shattering has gone wrong this week.  No one is sick, broken, jobless, etc.  Things have just been a little “off”, for me.

It started when I went to make daughter’s lunch Sunday night.  I pulled out the peanut butter for a sandwich, and the lid wasn’t on the jar all the way.  So, as I brought the jar over to the counter, it slipped away from the lid, and landed with a big splat.  Oil spurted out all over the counter, floor, daughter’s craft table, dish towel, etc.  Very inconvenient, and difficult to clean up.

Then yesterday, I dropped my cell phone in the toilet.  I had forgotten it was in my back pocket when I went to, um, well, you know.  Luckily, the toilet was my own, and it was clean, but the phone was fried.  Contacts and calendar were synched, but lost all photos.  So bummed.

Then last night, during gymnastics, daughter fell off the bars and landed on her face.  Very scary.  I had a moment of sheer panic, but it was fleeting.  She was okay – nose not broken, neck alright.  I thought she might wake up this morning with two black eyes, but she didn’t.  Whew! Close call, and I’m pretty sure I have a few extra gray hairs to show for it.

And last but not least, I woke up extra early this morning to “clean” for the housecleaner – put away clutter and such.  I know, it drives our husbands nuts, but we all do it, right?  I don’t want her coming to straighten up the house….I want her to spend her time cleaning!  I stripped the beds and put the sheets in the wash so she could re-make the beds with clean sheets, too.  And alas….I came home around noon for a quick lunch, and no cleaning lady!  There was a message on my home phone that the keypad to the garage door wasn’t working so she couldn’t get in. And, as I was rushing off to school for our Brownie troop meeting, I didn’t have time to re-make the beds.  Which meant I’d have to do it tonight, along with a bit of housework. When I was wiped out and just ready to relax.  Sigh.

So, like I said, nothing tragic here.  I’m keeping it all in perspective.  Husband was home to help me clean up the peanut butter mess, I had the money to go buy a new phone and a car to drive myself to the phone store, daughter’s nose, neck and rest of her body were okay after the fall, and I got an extra bit of exercise doing some of my own housecleaning.  But still, I’m really, really ready for Friday.  It just can’t come soon enough.